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Besides being a fun way to travel, prom limousine transportation ensures that your prom night will be a safe and memorable one. Plus, you can share the ride with your friends, which makes prom limo rental economical too!


  • Can we share the limo with other couples/friends?
        Absolutely! We encourage it, it helps lower the per couple cost of the rental.

  • How far in advance should I book my Prom limo?
        We suggest as soon as possible. Prom limo rentals are extremely popular and reservations go quickly!

  • Is there a deposit required for Prom Limo Rentals?
        Yes, we do require a deposit of 50% for prom limo rentals at time of booking. 

  • How do I book my Limo for Prom?
‚Äč        We require a Parent/Legal Guardian to book your Prom limo and to review and sign our Prom limo rental agreement.

  • Can my Prom Limo drop us off at a different location than our pick up?
        Yes, if the location was approved by the Parent/Legal Guardian who booked your Prom limo rental. 

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